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Publications & Testimony

Over the years Mr. Horan has been quoted widely in the business and aviation trade press, has presented testimony to Congress and the DOT on major consolidation cases and has also published a range of articles on airline competition, airpolitical issues and mergers and consolidation. Examples include:


Law Review Articles and Graduate Seminars


Double Marginalization and the Counter-Revolution Against Liberal Airline Competition, 37 Transportation Law Journal 251-291 (2010) downloadable from SSRN at

December 2011 Presentation to the European Aviation Club/Airneth Conference on Alliances and Global CompetitionCollusive Alliances and International Competition

June 2012 Presentation to the Northwestern University Transportation Center/Kellogg School of Business: The Economics of Airline Industry Consolidation

May 2013 Presentation to the Northwestern University Transportation Center/Kellogg School of Business: United Airlines and the Transformation of Global Aviation  HoranEvanston130516.pptx  3.0 MB

May 2014 
Presentation to the Northwestern University Transportation Center/Kellogg School of Business: Did Airline Consolidation Improve Industry Efficiency?   




Congressional/DOT Testimony  

Testimony in the DOT American Airlines-British Airways ATI Case Comment of Hubert Horan on the Joint Applicants' Claims of Public Benefits--8 January 2010


Testimony in the DOT Continental-Star Alliance ATI Case

Comment of Hubert Horan on the Department of Justice's Antitrust Immunity Comments of 26 June 2009

Congressional Testimony on the Delta-Northwest Merger  Statement of Hubert Horan, “The Anti-Competitive Risks of a Delta-Northwest Merger and the Extreme Consolidation of Intercontinental Airlines”, House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Aviation Subcommittee Hearings, 14 May 2008

Congressional Testimony on the United-Congressional Merger
Statement of Hubert Horan, “The Anti-Competitive Impacts of a United-Continental Merger and the Consolidation of 80% of the US Aviation Market Into Just Three Competitors ”, House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Aviation Subcommittee Hearings,16 June 2010


Articles on the Post-Coronavirus Airline Industry Crisis

Naked Capitalism series on the Post-Coronavirus industry financial crisis2020nakedcapitalismarticles.pdf
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"What Will It Take to Save the Airlines?" 3 June 2020
"Part 2--Can Collateralizing Frequent Flyer Programs Help Save the U.S. Airlines?" 6 July 2020
"Part 3--Airline Recovery Expectations Were Always Dreadfully Wrong" 4 August 2020
"Part 4--Total Paralysis Continues" 14 September 2020
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Four-part series at ProMarket HHpromarketarticles2020may.pdf
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"How Did Consolidation Undermine the Airline Industry's Ability to Recover From the Coronavirus Crisis" 5 May 2020

Interview with the Financial Times
Alphavideo: The Airline Sector is in denial About its Imminent Collapse, 11 September 2020
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Published articles on Global Airline Consolidation

“The EU-US Open Access Area: how to realize the radical vision” A detailed assessment of the prospects for major international airpolitical liberalization, (Aviation Strategy 70, July 2003)


“Airline Consolidation: Myth and Reality” An evaluation of airline mergers in the US,Europe and China, and the general trend towards consolidation (Aviation Strategy 109, November 2006)


“Airline Consolidation: Myth and Reality” presentation to the FAA Aviation Forecasting Conference, Washington, March 2007


“An Update on Industry Consolidation and EU-US Treaty Negotiations” (Aviation Strategy No.113, March 2007)


“Top Ten False Claims About the Need for US Airline Mergers” Airline Business, April 2008)


“Airline Merger Will Cripple Competition” Politico, April 23, 2008

“If Consolidation occurs, it would reverse decades of airline history” (Airlines International, January 2009)

"Why the Pro-Consolidation Claims in the Cordle/Mifsud/Bonilla Paper are Wrong, June 2010

“Consolidation and anti-competitive market power”, Airneth,  February 2011,

Published articles on the dynamics of Airline Competition


“Is the traditional Big Hub Business Model still viable?” A analysis of the crisis affecting US network carriers (Aviation Strategy 58, July 2002) and two follow-up analysis of the industry shakeout in the United States, “United and American: are the turnaround plans viable?” (Airline Strategy 65, March 2003) and “Why the US Industry is at a stalemate” (Airline Strategy 88, January 2005).


“What is the future of the European Flag-Carrier” An analysis of the competitive dynamic between emerging European business models  (Aviation Strategy 59, September 2002).


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