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Listed below are various analysis of the competitive economics of Uber. These are based on Horan's 40 years of experience in the management and regulation of transportation companies. Horan has no financial links with any urban car service industry competitors, investors or regulators, or any firms that work on behalf of industry participants.


Transportation Law Journal article

Will the Growth of Uber Increase Economic Welfare?

Citation: 44 Transp. L.J., 33-105 (2017)
Available for download at SSRN:

The complete analysis of Uber’s historical development, financial performance and competitive economic, based on data available as of July 2017. 

Naked Capitalism Uber Series

Can Uber Ever Deliver? Parts 1-5—Nov-Dec 2016

Parts 1-4 include the original versions of arguments (subsequently published in the TLJ article) about Uber’s dismal financial results, uncompetitive economics, and its explicit pursuit of unregulated industry dominance based on data available in 2016; Part 5 answers questions raised by readers of Parts 1-4

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Can Uber Ever Deliver? Parts 6-9—Jan-Mar 2017

Part 6 updated the evidence from part 1 on Uber’s dismal financial results.

Part 7 outlined Uber’s PR “narrative” and part 9 documented how this “narratives” had been taken directly from propaganda narratives developed in the 1990s by well-funded groups seeking the complete elimination of all forms of governmental oversight over the taxi industry.

Other material here (which is not included in the TLJ article) addressed the major flaws in well-publicized pro-Uber pieces, including (in part 8) a major book on Uber by Bloomberg’s senior tech industry reporter and totally ignored all available evidence about Uber’s economics, totally whitewashed the cultural and ethical issues that had engulfed Uber in controversy, and argued the book should be seen as PR advocacy, and not as journalism.
For a PDF of Naked Capitalism parts 6-9 Can_Uber_Ever_Deliver__6-9_.pdf
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Can Uber Ever Deliver? Parts 10-17—Jul 2017-Aug 2018

Part 10 describes major Uber events in the first half of 2017, including an internal investigation of systematic sexual harassment at Uber and the forced resignation of CEO Travis Kalanick. Parts 11, 13, 15 and 17 update the documentation of Uber’s staggering losses based on newly published data through (respectively) 3Q2017, 4Q2017, 1Q2018 and 2Q2018. Parts 12 and 14 examine major pro-Uber pieces in mainstream publications (Bloomberg and the New Yorker) and show how they systematically ignore financial/economic data while emphasizing unsubstantiated Uber PR narrative claims. Part 16 demonstrates why the first published forecast of future Uber profitability and potential IPO valuation  (by Morningstar) is totally indefensible and worthless.
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Uber articles published at Pando

Has Pando missed the heart of the Uber problem? A transportation industry expert writes...---December 1, 2015

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Uber an avatar of innovation and progress? The economic evidence says otherwise--March 10,2017.
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